[ECOS] MPC860 - [printf, diag_printf] on SCC1

nprasad3@gmu.edu nprasad3@gmu.edu
Tue Jan 6 21:46:00 GMT 2004


I have both printf and diag_printf going to the same port [SCC1] (latest code from CVS) and I see the following behaviour.

[With BUFSIZE = 0, Polling Mode]
a. Output from diag_printf appears successfully on the port.
b. Output from printf appears only till all buffers fill up i.e. if I have 2 buffers of 16 bytes, only 32 chars display after which display stops [quicc_sxx_serial_putc returns false, causing serial_write to keep looping].
c. At this point in time, diag_printf continues to function normally.

The [txbd] buffers of the serial driver never have the ready reset by the CPM even though the output has been delivered. Has anyone run into this issue before and any resolutions?

Thanks in advance

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