[ECOS] linking problem

Bart Veer bartv@ecoscentric.com
Tue Jan 6 16:17:00 GMT 2004

>>>>> "Ganeshan" == Ganeshan  <ganeshan@ads-networks.com> writes:

    Ganeshan> Hi
    Ganeshan> I have applied the patch, but while applying patch it is
    Ganeshan> asking for the file name. I have specified the file name
    Ganeshan> with the complete path. Even after applying the patch
    Ganeshan> like this, I could not able to build the application.

The instructions on the web page were not quite right, it should have
said "patch -p1" rather than "patch -p0". 

    Ganeshan> I have downloaded gcc-3.3.2 and I have built the tool
    Ganeshan> for h8300-elf. Is this patch is already applied for this
    Ganeshan> (gcc-3.3.2) version?

I did not actually write the patch so don't know the full story. If I
remember correctly the patch is rather specific to eCos and would
break the h8300 tools in a different setup. It would need extra effort
to fix this and make the patch acceptable to the gcc maintainers, so
the patch has not been submitted for inclusion in mainline gcc.

The patch is against gcc 3.2.1, not 3.3.2. There may have been other
h8300-related changes to the compiler between those releases which
conflict. I suggest trying 3.2.1.


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