[ECOS] Re: EB 40A, Serial driver stops after 10 minutes

Daniel Néri dne@mayonnaise.net
Mon Jan 5 23:55:00 GMT 2004

Shiv Subramaniam <smaniam@yahoo.com> writes:

>    We then changed the driver to "Improved AT91 serial driver" by
> John Recker from the contrib site
> (http://ecos.sourceware.org/contrib.html). This driver did not drop
> packets for the rate - 760 bytes per second (baud: 38400). After 10
> minutes - the whole system comes to a halt - The system does not
> respond to the packets sent to the serial port.

This is not surprising as this code violates some basic eCos
principles, e.g. locking/unlocking a mutex in DSR context, and worse,
operating on a semaphore in ISR context.

I suggest that the maintainers remove the link to this code from the
contributions page, now that a better serial driver exists in official

Best regards,
Daniel Neri

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