[ECOS] linking problem

Ganeshan ganeshan@ads-networks.com
Mon Jan 5 10:35:00 GMT 2004

I have applied the patch, but while applying patch it is asking for the
file name.  I have specified the file
name with the complete path.  Even after applying the patch like this, I
could not able to build the application.

I have downloaded gcc-3.3.2 and  I have built the tool for  h8300-elf.  Is
this patch is already applied for this (gcc-3.3.2)

I could able to build the application. I am facing a problem here.  I
could able to download the
test program and able to give the break point.  But when I give
"continue", it is not stopping at the

Thanks in advance
Ganeshan N

Bart Veer wrote:

> >>>>> "Ganeshan" == Ganeshan  <ganeshan@ads-networks.com> writes:
>     Ganeshan> I am building the application for h8300 series on linux.
>     Ganeshan> I have built the toolchain, followed the
>     Ganeshan> http://ecos.sourceware.org/build-toolchain.html with
>     Ganeshan> target as h8300-elf. and it is in /gnutools/h8300-elf
> There are known problems with using the standard gcc 3.2.1 release
> when developing for an h8300-elf target. You'll need to apply a
> compiler patch. For more information see:
>   http://www.ecoscentric.com/devzone/h8300.shtml
> Bart
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