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>twomol wrote:
>>   Happy new year!
>same to you. wish that new year brings you visions that help you overcome the
>problems you are facing. :)
Thanks. I admire that you can celebrate the new year earlier. There is nearly a month before
Chinese traditional new year---Spring Festival.
>>   Yes,It outputs "sh is /bin/sh" .I'm a newbie.I don't know why the
>configurescript can't find the sh.Any ideas?
>- put "set -x" at the beginning of your misbehaving script, so that it looks
>something like ....
>#! /bin/sh
>set -x

I did that,there is it's output:
+ mandir=${prefix}/man
+ $'\r'
: command not foundcos/ecos/host/configure: line 49:
+ subdirs=
+ SHELL=/bin/sh
+ ac_max_here_lines=12
+ $'\r'
: command not foundcos/ecos/host/configure: line 56:
+ ac_prev=
'mnt/hdb7/embeded/ecos/ecos/host/configure: line 59: syntax error near unexpected token `do
'mnt/hdb7/embeded/ecos/ecos/host/configure: line 59: `do

'\r' is the return symbol,if I re_edit the configure script to remove the "\r" ,and then make a new "return",It will work.

But there are so many '\r's, how can I correct them at one time under Linux.(I'm not familiar with Linux's software of editing)

Is this the character_set's problem? I can run configure script under cygwin.

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