[ECOS] Precompiled Insight-6.1 CygWin/ARM-ELF

Andreas Bürgel andreas.buergel@web.de
Thu Dec 30 18:01:00 GMT 2004

Greetings folks,

avoid the trail of tears - I know what I'm talking about - of building 
an Insight from the scratch, I did it for you! (Ok, I did it for me, but 
you may participate ...)
You may download a full binary distribution of Insight 6.1 based on the 
6.1-release-sources for ARM development under CygWin from the 
projects-site of my homepage (for free, of course). I'm using it - not 
too intensive yet, I must confess - and it works nicely. Of course I 
can't give any further support, but if this thing fails totally, let me 

NOTE: If there is something illegal or smelly with this binary package, 
let me know _before_ letting your lawyers off their chains.

Mit freundlichen Grueszen, / Kind regards,

   Andreas Bürgel

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