[ECOS] eCos - porting problem on My target

Prabhat Shrivastav shrivastavp@myw.ltindia.com
Wed Dec 29 06:57:00 GMT 2004


I am using SH7729 + eCos ,
I had ported eCos + Redboot on evaluation board of SH7729 (MS7729SE01) and build our complete application and tested on evaluation board.
Its working absolutely fine. 
Now my target board is ready and I want to port Redboot and eCos on my target. So I configure the 
"platform.inc  "
In my platform every thing is same as evaluation board except, we had removed many of the evaluation board features from my target such as super IO,ethernet(temporary) others.Only the minimum requirement for the board is available. 
SDRAM: 8MB/ 32Bit
Flash : 2MB / 16Bit
My redboot code is stuck some at File name: redboot/main.c


    for (init_entry = __RedBoot_INIT_TAB__; init_entry != &__RedBoot_INIT_TAB_END__;  init_entry++) {

I had tested that the control is goes inside for three time if I commented this function  "(*init_entry->fun)();".But if I haven't comment that function the control will not come for second time itself.
Just I tried to debug this function but unable to do so with redbood without console.
Can any body help me come out of this problem .
Thanks in advance.
Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year,

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