[ECOS] Porting RedBoot with SNDS Template

leslie egeus@rocketmail.com
Tue Dec 28 06:13:00 GMT 2004


I know this topic has been discussed in great details, but I have been
unable to port Redboot for my custom board properly for a few weeks,
and I can't find whats the problem. I wonder if anyone would be kind
enough or have the time to help me see what could be the problem.

The specifications of my board is as follow:

Samsung SC4510B01 MPU
2 x AMD AM29F002BB 256KB Flash
2 x Samsung K4S281632F-TC75 (8Mx16)16MB SDRAM

I previously tried to port using the ARME7T template and modify
according to the ARM7TDBoard settings but that did not work. 

Then I tried using the Samsung SNDS template as it also has flash and
SDRAM. However it also did not work. There was no errors in compiling
and building of the RedBoot image. But when I try to run through
hyperterminal after loading it into the flash, it only showed a random
single character on the screen.

I am thinking could it be the problem with the SDRAM? This is because
when I tried to write "AAAA" or "5555" into the SDRAM memory using the
AxD I'll get some inconsistent data written to some random memory
locations. When I write "FFFF" or "0000" it works fine. Could this
result in the problem when reboot is remapped onto the SDRAM from ROM?

I attached my mlt files and hal_platform_setup.h. Hopefully that'll
help in pointing out which part of the porting I did wrong. I know its
really tedious and I would greatly appreciate your help! Thanks!

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