[ECOS] ecos support for linksys wrt54g

raahi 108 raahi108@gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 01:38:00 GMT 2004


I am new to embedded world. 
I was suggested to take the Linksys Wireless Router wrt54g device
along with ecos to experiment with.

I started with installing cygwin and played a bit,but it didn't quite
workout well.
Then i switched to Linux and was able to built all the necessary
crosscompilers. )hopefully it works :)-

I also built the ecos configtool for linux successfully.

I didn't find the support for the above target and am stuck with my
experiment. After browsing through the ecos book, there is a way,
though a bit complex )for a newbie), to add support to a new target.

I was wondering if someone on this list have ported the ecos for above
target platform and is willing to share it. wrt54g uses mipsel linux

Any help on this appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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