[ECOS] ecos-c and /cygdrive/c

Richard Deeley r_deeley@yahoo.com
Wed Dec 15 23:22:00 GMT 2004

OK, after much battling I finally got configtool to run under
a new copy of cygwin. It seems to be sort of working (no warnings
and build gets through a number of stages before it finally dies)

But now I am stuck with the somewhat evil /ecos-c mount issue.
This affects cygpath and consequently numerous other apps (such
as rebuilding gcc, which it seems I may need to fix one of the
ecos related problems)

Is there a way of building ecos in a way that it will use
/cygdrive/c rather than /ecos-c ? And/or is there some way
of tweaking existing files so that it would be happy with 
/cygdrive/c instead ?

(I can work around it by mounting and then unmounting ecos-c
but I would prefer to get rid of it altogether if possible).


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