[ECOS] routing

jared jared robotjared6@yahoo.com
Wed Dec 15 20:16:00 GMT 2004

when i do this on my rh linux box:
route add -net netmask eth3

i get a new entry in my routing table that does
exactly what i want, direct all 192.168.5.X traffic to
my eth3 NIC:     *        U    
0      0        0 eth3

how can i get this same functionality on ecos?  my
target has two stack interfaces(WAN and LAN) 

when i add my route with ioctl, i fill out the route

dest -
mask -
gw - 0

and set flags for RTF_UPonly

i also set the devname in the route.rt_dev, but it
seems as though this isn't ever used to determine
which interface to add the route.  how am i supposed
to specify the interface that i want to use for my

i took my code and compiled it on linux and i get the
exact same funtionality as my "route add" example
above, but on ecos i get a route on the incorrect

what am i doing wrong?

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