[ECOS] Why to signal condvar with mutex held?

Sergei Organov osv@topconrd.ru
Wed Dec 15 19:04:00 GMT 2004

sandeep <shimple0@yahoo.com> writes:
> > Why not? Wait morphing doesn't awake any threads so its behavior should
> surely, i don't understand waitmorphing business wrt broadcast then.
> > be the same on SMP. Wait morphing will put the threads into the mutex
> > queue in corresponding order no matter SMP or non-SMP system is in use.
> how does it get the original wait queue in priority order (you had
> mentioned something about that in your earlier mail, but that didn't
> clear the things). i guess, seeing your implementation patch would
> help me understand things better and may be not ask dumb questions to
> you. ;)

Well, I've just posted the patch to the ecos-patches mailing list.
Please refer here:



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