[ECOS] multi-ice-gdb-server stops working under newer cygwin

Jianding Luo jluo@marvell.com
Wed Dec 15 01:17:00 GMT 2004

A couple months ago, I followed the instructions on ecos.sourceware.org
and successfully built multi-ice-gdb-server.exe. It danced with ARM
multi-ice server and arm-elf-gdb without any problem.


Then recently my PC was reformatted for an unrelated reason. I had to
reinstall everything, including a newer version cygwin. All the sudden,
arm-elf-gdb is now unable to complete the connection to


##"C:\Program Files\ARM\Multi-ICE\multi-ice-gdb-server.exe"
--remote-port 9000 --byte-sex l --config-dialog

GNU Multi-ICE GDB server 1.0



Connected to the Multi-Ice target.


Targeted ARM core: ARM9 0


Target characteristics:

        Hardware?:              YES

        Comms Channel?:         YES

        Endian-ness:            LITTLE

        Single-Step Support:    NO

        Load Size:              32768

        Custom Load?:           NO


No other modules found on debug target.


GDB Server starting on port 9000

Got a connection from localhost

Not a good vector or eCos not running!

putpkt(read): Resource temporarily unavailable

readchar: Resource temporarily unavailable

Closing connection... 



Target remote localhost:9000


A little dig reveals that this is caused by a socket read error within
function readchar in file remote-utils.c. I don't know how to
investigate this problem further. Does anybody have seen this behavior


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