[ECOS] Trying to recompile redboot...

Jerzy Dyrda jerzdy@kontron.pl
Tue Dec 14 16:48:00 GMT 2004

Hello John,

I use xscale-elf from Red-Hat-3.3 20021213 and npe v.1.4 with success.
When I was using arm-linux-gcc than  I had always  compiler errors - 
wrong asm. instruction or something like this.

Best Regards

John Dowd wrote:

>I'm trying to create my own image of the redboot RAM image for a Coyote (GRG) 
>My toolset is:
>npe version 1.4
>Has anyone been able to use the toolset listed here? It just seems that the 
>ecos system by defaults to xscale-arm toolset. Right now I'm getting compile 
>errors which occured after I added the npe support.
>Prior to adding the npe support I was able to compile but I was getting a RAM 
>image that was padded with about 0x20000 zero bytes at the beginning of the 
>image. This of course meant that the image would not load.
>Any advice would be appreciated.
>             Cheers!!

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