[ECOS] Why to signal condvar with mutex held?

Sergei Organov osv@topconrd.ru
Tue Dec 14 09:47:00 GMT 2004

sandeep <shimple0@yahoo.com> writes:
> my 2 cents.
> what about keeping the waitlists sorted in decreasing priority order of
> threads, when you go with idea of wait morphing? won't this ensure that
> highest priority waiting thread gets the mutex?

As far as I know, priority (as opposed to FIFO) wait queues is a
separate configuration option in eCos, so you can have them even now if
you wish. However, it's not always a good idea to have priority wait
queues as it makes it possible for low priority thread waiting in a
queue to never get executed. In addition, enqueue into the sorted queue
in eCos is slower.


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