[ECOS] Newbie questions: AT91SAM7 series

Shawn T. Lim slim@flatlinesolutions.com
Sat Dec 11 04:03:00 GMT 2004

Hello all!
            This is my first foray into eCos, and I am quite excited.
I'm looking forward to actively participating in this community once I
get myself up to speed =).
            I purchased an Atmel AT91SAM7S64-IAR Kickstart kit (JTAG
interface, Eval board, and IAR Workbench) about a week ago, and I am
interested in porting RedBoot, and eventually eCos for it.
            Here are a few questions that I have:
1)       The kit came with an IAR J-Link USB JTAG interface, however the
only thing I have been able to upload to my chip are BIN files compiled
through IAR's own development tools. I can't seem to find a way to
upload ELF and BIN files from other sources (i.e. the RedBoot binaries
for the EB40 that are widely available), at least not through the
software included in IAR's kit. Is there some kind of generic JTAG Flash
application I can be using to write RedBoot to flash?
2)       Unlike the Atmel's EBxx boards, there is no debugger like Angel
running. Because of this, I will have to load Redboot via my JTAG
interface, correct? (Once I solve question 1)
3)       I don't expect the RedBoot binaries compiled for the EB40 to
work on my SAM7 eval board without some modifications. I have installed
the arm-elf toolchain, cygwin, and even the eCos Configuration Tool,
however I'm a bit lost on where to start modifying RedBoot code
specifically to work. Can someone point me in the right direction for
porting RedBoot, and even more basic resources on how to build RedBoot?
Even a tutorial on how the existing EB40 binaries were built would be
Thanks in advance!
Shawn T. Lim
Flatline Solutions Inc

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