[ECOS] Newbie network problem

Frank Pagliughi fpagliughi@mindspring.com
Thu Dec 9 17:03:00 GMT 2004

Hey All,

I've been using eCos for a while but am trying a network app for the first
time. The drivers on the ARM target board is suspect, so I'm trying to get
the initial app running on an i386 PC w/ i82559 network board. I've fallen
back to just trying to get a test application to run properly, like
'server_test' or 'ping_test'

I'm loading/debugging the app via RedBoot over a serial line. Both the app
and RedBoot are configured to use different static IP addresses (RedBoot at, the app at For the app's eCos library, I
accepted all the settings from the config tool for the 'net' packages and
have only changed the IP address and turned on the tests and lots of debug
info. I'm using ethereal to check for network traffic.

For server_test: The MAC address appears correct in the app. The app appears
to respond to ARP broadcasts properly. But TCP packages sent to the app's IP
address aren't being received by the app even though they're on the wire. I
don't appear to even be getting an interrupt in the app.

For the ping_test, similar, but ICMP messages are usually not even sent out,
and when they are, though responses appear on the wire, nothing comes back
to the app.

I assume I'm just missing something simple in my configuration.


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