[ECOS] mips architecture: vsr for debug and NMI

Jerome Souquieres jerome.souquieres@kis.fr
Tue Dec 7 17:17:00 GMT 2004

   Hi everyone,

   I have a remark/question about the handling of debug and NMI vectors for MIPS architecture in eCos:

   In hal\mips\arch\v2_0\src\vectors.S, the "debug_vector" and "__nmi_entry" functions happen to call Vector Service
Routines #32 and #34 respectively. However, a look at hal\mips\arch\v2_0\include\hal_intr.h reveals that these vectors
are neved defined, and are greater than CYGNUM_HAL_VSR_MAX. To me, this means that if a debug or NMI exception occurs,
the VSR retrieved from hal_vsr_table[CYGNUM_HAL_VSR_MAX] will be garbage (index overflow). Is there something I didn't
understand ? Or maybe this is debugging code that was left there but is no longer operational ?

   There also seems to be a relationship with CYG_HAL_MIPS_VSR_TABLE_DEFINED but I do not understand yet completely when
this symbol is defined.

   Thanks for your help,

   ...Jerome Souquieres...

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