[ECOS] Problems Running LED routine

leslie egeus@rocketmail.com
Mon Dec 6 07:52:00 GMT 2004


I posted this problem earlier on today. I realised the problem might
not have to do with the program. Cuz in fact the major problem is, I
can't even run a simple Helloworld in the example folder with the eCos
library I built. I'll get the same line of string
$T050f:180a0100;0d:ec7f0400;#b1 during execution.

Could it have to do with my eCos library I built, missing packages? The
following is the list of packages I used:

C library
Common error code support
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Generic Flash Memory support
I/O Subsystem
ISO C and POSIX Infra
ISO C lib date/time function
ISO C general utility function
ISO C library internationalization
ISO C library non-local jumps
ISO C library signals
ISO C library standard input/output function
ISO C string function
ISO environment startup/termination
eCos common HAL
eCos kernel

Could it be my Redboot not ported properly? But when I startup the
board, Redboot is loaded successfully and I can execute the FIS
commands, load program into the SRAM, etc.

I have a program written in assembly which does everything from
initialising the memory to the ports and testing the LEDs. It runs
smoothly on the board. So I guess its not the hardware fault.

Thanks alot!!!

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