[ECOS] Segmentation Fault .

DN Raju linuxraju@yahoo.co.in
Sat Dec 4 18:32:00 GMT 2004

Hi Friends.

I have successfully booted stub for i386 with floppy
on x86 PC and 486Dx target. With the help of ecos
vectors.S file form ecos package to boot floppy, stub
file took from rtems-4.6.0, and  for supporting
functions i've writen my own.

Now, My problem is when i an accessing to IOs i am
getting "Segmentaion Error".

--> No problem with communication b/w stub and GDB
--> I am communicating through serial line.
--> No problem to load a program
--> After break point set i've tested the all cpu
    But, regs values are showing deffrent from what 
    i've set at gdt/idt. 

 can any body look into this problem

Thanks in advance

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