[ECOS] Problem with V850 serial interface

Cristoforo Abbattista cristoforo.abbattista@planetek.it
Thu Dec 2 13:54:00 GMT 2004

Hi all

We are trying to integrate the C328-7640 camera (OV528 chip) inside an application
based on eCos OS on a Nec V850. This should be done by sending serial
command through the RS-232 interface.

While we are able to develop a Visual Basic program to exchange
information between a PC and the camera board, we never receive
information through the V850 chipset.

For sure we are able to send serial command, because we monitor them
connecting the V850 to the PC port.

Some hints to understand why we are experiencing such a
problem? And also something to solve the problem?

The Receiving buffer of the V850 is always empty.
In the past we connect other serial devices to V850 and they worked.

Thank you very much

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