[ECOS] Re: Building configtools for Fedora Core (FC3)

Daniel Gomes danielcgomes@yahoo.com.br
Wed Dec 1 17:56:00 GMT 2004

Yes, indeed, Andre. :)
People like should read documentation before bother
mail lists, sorry. :d

Well, I finally build configtools at Fedora Core 3,
after a lot of warnings and a code change :

Install gtk2-devel and gtk+-devel and dependencies.
Install tcl-dev and dependencies.
Follow instructions at:
At make -f ..., change the file eCosSocket.h before
execute the command:
vi ~/cvs/ecos/host/tools/Utils/common/eCosSocket.h:177
put SSRead public instead of protected (don't ask me
why, g++ 3.4.2 complains about it being protected).

Don't forget to recompile Fedora Core 3 kernel to
enable CONFIGURE_LEGACY_PTY if you wish to use test

 --- Andrew Lunn <andrew@lunn.ch> escreveu: 
> There is no need for these changes. You can tell it
> where to find tcl
> using --with-tcl=/usr. This is documented in
> README.host.
>         Andre

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