[ECOS] disk access mutex's

Jeff Cooper jeffc@logicpd.com
Tue Aug 31 22:42:00 GMT 2004

I'm working on a CF driver for a Logic Product Development 7760 card engine.  
I've been looking at the CF driver for the Elatec v850 development board as a 
basis for the new driver.

One thing I'm curious about is the lack of mutex's when accessing the CF 
hardware in the Elatec driver.

Is contention for the disk device handled at a layer higher up than the device 
driver?  I've been digging through the source for the io disk and haven't 
found any kind of access control.  

Am I just missing where this is being handled?   If so, can anyone point me in 
the right direction?


Jeff Cooper
Senior Embedded Software Engineer

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