[ECOS] typecasting (cyg_io_handle_t) to (cyg_devtab_entry_t)

Samie Hassan Ghauri samiehg@hotmail.com
Mon Aug 30 16:15:00 GMT 2004

I am implementing the cyg_io_write() routine for the I/O layer of an LCD 
device driver. When I try to cast the first argument 'handle' to a pointer 
of type cyg_devtab_entry_t, it gives error, which is understandable becuase 
thats the way other drivers access data in the device table entry. The code 
and the error as listed below:

static Cyg_ErrNo
lcdio_write(cyg_io_handle_t handle, const void *_buf, cyg_uint32 *len)
  cyg_devtab_entry_t *ptrDevTab;
  ptrDevTab = (cyg_devtab_entry_t *)handle;

  int err;

/ecos-c/ecos/packages/io/lcd/current/src/lcdio.c:114: parse error before 
make[1]: Leaving directory 
/ecos-c/ecos/packages/io/lcd/current/src/lcdio.c:117: `ptrConfigOptions' 
undeclared (first .......

I have included the header file devtab.h.
Any help is appreciated.


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