[ECOS] raw sockets in bsd stack. . ..

Jörn Seger joern.seger@udo.edu
Mon Aug 30 12:07:00 GMT 2004

Am Montag, 30. August 2004 21:32 schrieb dries:
> Well, i've been diving in the network stack and came to the conclusion that
> the best way to receive real raw packets is to make a ( i don't really know
> if i use the right terminology) netisr that forewards the packets to a
> thread. .  (in our my case i could even filter on one specific type of
> packet).  For sending the low level functions could be used . . But the
> amount of work involved would be rather big. .

I believe so, too.

Maybe somebody can correct me, but I remember something like the io/eth/ 
directory, where you can "read" the packets directly from the network driver 
via some abstract functions like eth_drv_read()!?

But I haven't found any documentation on that up until now.

- Jörn

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