[ECOS] raw sockets in bsd stack. . ..

dries dries@irssystems.nl
Mon Aug 30 11:18:00 GMT 2004

Jörn Seger wrote :
>  Hi Dries,
>  Am Montag, 30. August 2004 20:39 schrieb dries:
>  > I am trying to do raw-socket communication but the bsd networking stack
>  > only supports raw IP-sockets. This means that an IP header is allways
>  > prepended to the packet, i would like to send and receive real raw
>  > packets. Is there anyway to receive and send 'real' raw packets without
>  > modifying the network stack ..
>  I would like to the same more or less.
>  As far as I learned from this list and some webpages, there actually is no
>  implementation on that in ecos. But there are some low level functions,
> which can do stuff like that, but look very different to standard open(),
> send(), receive() etc.
>  Maybe we could share some code and experience.
>  Regards - Jörn

Well, i've been diving in the network stack and came to the conclusion that 
the best way to receive real raw packets is to make a ( i don't really know 
if i use the right terminology) netisr that forewards the packets to a 
thread. .  (in our my case i could even filter on one specific type of 
packet).  For sending the low level functions could be used . . But the 
amount of work involved would be rather big. .  

have a look at  ./net/bsd_tcpip/v2_0/src/sys/net/if_ethersubr.c the routine 
'ether_demux' . This routine tries to find out what kind of packet is 
received (IP ARP etc...) and starts a netisr..

I think the best way to receive 'raw' packets would be to make a netisr that 
handles the 'default' case of the ether_demux routine  . . .

hmmm . . .

Grtz Dries Pruimboom

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