[ECOS] STLport on eCos need help

pb.jack pb.jack@powerbase.com.tw
Fri Aug 27 14:41:00 GMT 2004

I follow instruct of http://www.zylin.com/stlport.html to try to compile
STLport but get compile error, would somebody to help me figure out what
is going wrong? (My plat form is ARM7TDI, toolchain is gcc3.2.1)

../stlport/stl/char_traits.h: In constructor
../stlport/stl/char_traits.h:78: parse error before `;' token
../stlport/stl/char_traits.h: In constructor
../stlport/stl/char_traits.h:79: parse error before `;' token
../stlport/stl/char_traits.h: In static member function `static size_t
   _STL::__char_traits_base<_CharT, _IntT>::length(const _CharT*)':
../stlport/stl/char_traits.h:150: parse error before `;' token
make: *** [../lib/obj/ecos/Release/codecvt.o] Error 1

Jack, Taiwan

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