[ECOS] IPV6 Testing

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Thu Aug 26 21:45:00 GMT 2004

> Routing tables
> Destination                                      Gateway         Mask            Flags    Interface
>                                         UG       eth0
>                                 U        eth0
>                                     UG       lo0
>                                                     UH       lo0
> ::1                                              ::1                             UH       lo0
> 3ffe:302:11:2::a15:1f6                           3ffe:302:11:2::a15:1f6          UH       lo0
> fe80:1::                                         fe80:1::        /64             U        eth0
> fe80:1::2d0:b7ff:fe7e:436f                       fe80:1::2d0:b7ff:fe7e:436f      UH       lo0
> fe80:2::                                         fe80:2::1       /64             U        lo0
> fe80:2::1                                        fe80:2::1                       UH       lo0
> ff01:1::                                         ff01:1::        /32             U        eth0
> ff01:2::                                         ::1             /32             U        lo0
> ff02:1::                                         ff02:1::        /32             U        eth0
> ff02:2::                                         ::1             /32             U        lo0

> PING6 server fe80::201:2ff:fe37:2ea0
> sendto: No route to host

IPv6 works just the same as IPv4 in terms of
routing. fe80::201:2ff:fe37:2ea0 is not on any of the directly
connected nets. So it has to be routed through a
gateway. Unforutately, you don't have any routes to gateways
configured and not default route. Hence it does not know where to send
the packet and so it is printing the error message. 

You need to sort out your IP addresses and routers and make sure eCos
knows this information. Probably the easiest way to do this is use
radvd or some other router advertisement program.


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