[ECOS] debug i386 application

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Thu Aug 26 08:57:00 GMT 2004

Muna Hummady <muna_hummady@yahoo.com> writes:

> hello
> I want to boot the target i386 PC with the RedBoot via
> a floppy and use GDB to load application image into
> the target PC from the host PC via serial line or
> ethernet.
> As in "Embedded s/w development with eCos" 
> {it is better to use serial port for RedBoot
> communicationand allow the application to use Ethernet
> port execlusively} 
> {RedBoot is able to share the portsit uses for
> debugging and diagnostics with the eCos application}
> so I'm trying to do so :
> 1- First, I'm trying to connect the host target (i386)
> to RedBoot via serial (I have only one serial port in
> my target PC) so I'm enable the following option in
> the redboot.ecc 
>       port 0)

You should not need to make any changes to the RedBoot configuration.
The default should do exactly what you want.  RedBoot starts listening
on all channels and only locks onto one when it detects activity.

You could also try downloading the prebuilt binary from the website
and use that.

> when I'm using the Hyperterminal to load and run the
> basic1 application, it is done correctly. But i
> couldnt run any other example program (serial, or
> twothreads),I'm load them and when I'm run them using
> go it is halted and there are no response.
> I could'nt load and debug any example program
> following the procedure:
> (gdb) set remotebaud 38400
> (gdb) remote target /dev/ttyS0
> (gdb) load
> (gdb) continue
> when doing continue the target PC is halted and there
> is no response.
> could you tell me what is the wrong? 

If you are using a standard RedBoot then you should be able to run
these programs with no trouble.

As I have said before, start by running some of the standard kernel
test programs, in particular tm_basic.

> 2- please could you tell me how to enable both the
> ethernet and serial ports to have the communication
> via  serial and loading the application via ethernet?

So long as you have an Intel EtherPro 100 card, the standard RedBoot
should bring the ethernet up. There are also configurations for
RealTek 8139 and Intel i8254x based cards.

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