[ECOS] Building toolchain for CalmRISC16 failed

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh@xs4all.nl
Sat Aug 21 08:48:00 GMT 2004


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> >>>>> "Udo" == Udo van den Heuvel <udovdh@xs4all.nl> writes:
>     Udo> Hello,
>     Udo> I followed the info at
>     Udo> http://ecos.sourceware.org/build-toolchain.html and got this
>     Udo> message:
>     Udo> $ /src/binutils-2.13.1/configure --target=calm16ceb 
> --prefix=/gnutools -v
>     2> &1 | tee configure.out
>     Udo> Configuring for a i686-pc-cygwin host.
>     Udo> Invalid configuration `calm16ceb': machine 
> `calm16ceb' not recognized
>     Udo> Unrecognized target system name calm16ceb.
>     Udo> Could anyone tell me what I did wrong? Calrisc16 is supported
>     Udo> according to the website info. Please help.
> According to which website info? 

http://ecos.sourceware.org/hardware.html#CalmRISC and other places like
http://sources.redhat.com/ecos/docs-latest/redboot/calmrisc16.html etc.

BTW: target should be 'calm16_ceb'.

> The build-toolchain page you
> reference does not mention calmrisc. Off-hand I don't know whether or
> not the binutils 2.13.1 release had support for that architecture, it
> may have been merged in later. I suggest you try the binutils mailing
> list.

I searched the binutils sources quickly (configure, docs, cpu) for calmrisc
references. I found none.
If the binutils don't support CalmRISC and eCos says it does some sort of
patch is needed?

Does anyone here have an idea about this situation? Who can explain me how
to make CalmRISC work? 

Kind regards,

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