[ECOS] Re[2]: spi driver on at91

Mike Jastrebtsoff jam2000@pisem.net
Fri Aug 20 04:53:00 GMT 2004

Hello, Savin.

That's a good idea. Escpecially concerning Dataflash driver.
I could share my code with Dataflash driver.
But its speed is 320kbits only and it needs further debugging.

SZ> Hi,

SZ> I've also started writing an spi driver some time ago,  did an io_spi
SZ> device driver and
SZ> its low level part for the at91. I managed to do some tests with its
SZ> local loopback feature,
SZ> the next thing in plan is to write an dataFlash driver...

SZ> I can share my code and maybe eCos needs an spi device driver 
SZ> infrastructure.
SZ> Anybody interested in merging our work ?

SZ> savin

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