[ECOS] Re: spi driver on at91

Savin Zlobec savin@elatec.si
Thu Aug 19 14:31:00 GMT 2004

davarn wrote:

>I'm really interested to see your code, perhaps it wiil be a good starting
>point, or perhaps just need a simple port to at91m42800.
>What i want to do is "/dev/spi" type of driver wich can handle all type of AT91
>After make a dataFlash and ADC driver on it.
>Selon Mike Jastrebtsoff <jam2000@pisem.net>:
>> Hello,
>> I've ported SPI driver form arm-linux to ecos(AT91M55800A) not so long ago.
>> I used it with Dataflash memory.
>> It has some issues:
>> 1. The speed rate doesn't rise beyond 320 Kbit.
>>    I've applied to the Atmel's support but didn't get a satisfactory answer.
>> 2. Sometimes the spi device doesn't answer the command.
>> Probably these are peculiarities of AT91 SPI or my bugs.
>> I could send it to you.
>> By the way there is Atmel's  software SPI driver.
>> -------
>> Regards,
>>   Mike
>> dff> I am currently starting the devellopement of an spi driver on at91.
>> dff> Does anobody have done that already or is currently doing?
>> dff> If someone do this driver let me know to not devellop this twice.


I've also started writing an spi driver some time ago,  did an io_spi 
device driver and
its low level part for the at91. I managed to do some tests with its 
local loopback feature,
the next thing in plan is to write an dataFlash driver...

I can share my code and maybe eCos needs an spi device driver 
Anybody interested in merging our work ?


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