[ECOS] Re: Regarding ROMRAM applications

Alan Bowman abowman@synaptics-uk.com
Thu Aug 12 07:25:00 GMT 2004

Please send requests to the mailing list - if you want individual 
support, them I'm sure there are people on the list who would be able to 
arrange a support contract.

I have no experience with the EB40A board.  However, I had a problem 
when it came to building a ROMRAM application for an EB55.  There was 
some masking in the startup code that was supposed to copy code from 
flash to RAM that had been set up wrongly.  I don't know if the EB40A 
might be similarly afflicted?

The file size that you have quoted may well contain debugging 
information that will not end up being programmed into your flash.  Try 
using arm-elf-size (I think this is the correct tool) to see how large 
it believes your application is.


Giri Raja wrote:

> Hi,
>      Sorry for the individual mailing. I did mail the groups, but wasn't 
> quite sure what I'm doing. I apologise once again.
> I'm working on the EB40A board and trying to build a small ROMRAM 
> application. I didn't want to have redboot on the board, so that the 
> application could be a stand alone one.
> I did a make on my application and got an executable, which I loaded 
> into the flash. But nothing happened, the program didn't seem to work.
> One thing I observed was that the executable's size was about 600K. Do I 
> need to convert this into a .elf format file, if so how do I do it.
> Can you please clarify me on these points.
> Thanks you very much.
> Giri.
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