[ECOS] Regarding Flash Address to store ROMRAM startup application

Giri Raja giri_amf@yahoo.com
Wed Aug 11 20:19:00 GMT 2004

   I was experimenting to run a small application on
the EB40A board without redboot on it. The idea is to
make the application boot up by itself when powered
I configured for ROMRAM startup type and disabled the
'Work with ROM Monitor' option in the config file.
I compiled my application with this configuration and
used OC Demon Flash Memory Programmer to store the
executable in the flash (this is how I normally do for
redboot and it works).when I powered it on, it doesn't
seem to work. My jumper was set to the user position
and there is absolutely nothing in the flash other
than the executable I just loaded.
Can someone please help me out on this.

Thank you.


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