[ECOS] HAL startup help.

Rycerz Roman-G11565 roman.rycerz@motorola.com
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	Thanks for your help.. That was exactly it.  I don't know how I got the memory map/alignment from.
	But after reviewing it against some of the other PPC targets, I have found some "issues".

	Once this was corrected... Life is Beautiful


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Rycerz Roman-G11565 <roman.rycerz@motorola.com> writes:

>     I am hoping someone can help me.   I have a rather strange problem that comes and goes for reasons that so far escape me.
>     While I am not sure what makes this situation appear and 
> disappear, maybe this behavior will ring some bells.
>     When the ecos world is happy, the routine "cyg_hal_invoke_constructors" executes, behaves nicely and executes a list of constructors.
>     such as
>                 Global_I10100_diag_write_char
>                 Global_I11000_cyg_scheduler_sched_lock
>                 Global_I12000_ZB13cyg_Interrupt15....
>     When ecos is unhappy "cyg_hal_invoke_constructors" actually 
> executes a list of destructors
>                 Global_D14000......
>                 Global_D15000.......
>    Anyone know what might cause this ????   I am sure its something I am doing, but so far I have no clue....

Cannot help you specifically, but in the past when I have seen things like this happening, it has often been an alignment issue. It appears and disappears as changing sizes of text and data change the alignment of later data items.

Check that the alignment requirements in your linker script are correct. If you try single stepping through
cyg_hal_invoke_constructors() when it is misbehaving you should be able to work out what is going wrong.

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