[ECOS] several remote gdb questions/problems

Neundorf, Alexander Alexander.Neundorf@jenoptik.com
Thu Aug 5 14:32:00 GMT 2004


I'm using ecos cvs on an XScale.
Basically debugging with arm-elf-gdb/insight works.
It's gcc 3.2.1 and gdb 6.1

Two (maybe three) issues:
It seems I am not able to pause a running program.
ecos/packages/hal/arm/xscale/pxa2x0/hal_diag.c contains code which seems to check for ctrl-c  . But pressing ctrl-c in arm-elf-gdb doesn't break the program :-/
Redboot is configured as rom-monitor, with gdb_break_support (not ctrl-c support), since the stubs are present in redboot.
The app is configured without stubs, and checking gdb_break_support or ctrlc_support doesn't change the behaviour.
Any hints why it doesn't work or how to find out the reason ?

Next one: I know this question was posted here several times already, but I didn't find a definitive answer. I have (only) one serial port, which I use for diag_printf(). On the xscale I read characters from /dev/ttydiag and interpret the commands.
gdb runs over the same serial line.
Is it possible to use gdb and at the same time see the diag_printf() output and be able to enter some commands via the serial line so that they reach my interpreter on the xscale ?

(third one: are there known problems with adding global object instances to the watch window with insight 6.1 ? When I try this, insight stalls and I have to kill it).

Thanks for any pointers

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