[ECOS] Build redboot for GRG board with NPE

Aric Wang Aric_Wang@Jabil.com
Thu Aug 5 00:48:00 GMT 2004

Yes, I do configure like you pointed out. But it still failed. Then I
changed to the latest eCos source code from redhat. It's ok now. 

Now my problem is, when I try to compile a RAM redboot image and load by
BDI2000. It died on below lines in hal_hardware_init (ixp425_misc.c): 

    // Enable caches

When I commented this out, it died at initializing the PCI.

But for ROM redboot, it runs ok. So I think it must died becuase that the
PLATFORM_SETUP1 (hal_platform_setup.h) macro is commented out in RAM mode
and the BDI2000 didn't initialize the hardware correctly.

Am I right?


>>>>> Aric Wang writes:

> Hi all,
> I have a GRG (Coyote) board. I want to compile a redboot ROM image with
> support.

> I downloaded the Wasabi System GNU tool version 031121 for Intel Xscale
> redboot source code (20040326). I also downloaded the npe-1.4.epk and
> IxNpeMicrocode.c from the latest Intel redboot 1.94. Following the release
> notes of redboot 1.94, I added the npe package to redboot source code and
> compiled. When it runs on Coyote board, it reports no network interface is
> found.

> Can anyone told me where to get the correct source code and tool chain?

How did you configure the build after adding the .epk to your sources?
You should have done something like:

  % ecosconfig new grg redboot
  % ecosconfig import
  % ecosconfig add intel_npe
  % ecosconfig add grg_npe
  % ecosconfig tree
  % make


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