[ECOS] Flash infrastructure rework

Doyle, Patrick WPD@dtccom.com
Wed Aug 4 20:17:00 GMT 2004

> No, we have just ported the existing strata driver to the new API. I
> was thinking about writing a cfi_flash driver, but i want to get my
> current code committed first. Thats also why i not looked at your
> strata patches.
We should definitely talk -- I wouldn't want one of us to duplicate work
that the other is doing, nor would I want one of us to think "I'll just wait
until he does it", and later find out that he never got around to it.  But,
I'm glad to hear your thinking along the same lines.

> > Of course, now that you mention strata, I could probably 
> beta test your
> > patch on our two boards as well.
> Great. Do you have jtag hardware to recover them if it all goes wrong?
Yup, no worries.

Hmmm, one small worry -- I'm not actually using Intel flash, I'm using the
Micro equivalent, which may, or may not, report the Intel ID code.  I've
never worried about it since I've been using my CFI support.  Well, the
worst that will happen is that it won't be recognized at boot.


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