[ECOS] Flash infrastructure rework

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Wed Aug 4 19:13:00 GMT 2004

> However in the background i took a step back and overhauled the whole
> flash infrastructure in what i hope is a clean and consistent API with
> all the features required:
>         Multiple device drivers at the same time
>         Multiple instantiations of the same driver
>         Probing to detect what is actually on the board
>         Support for boot block devices which have different size blocks
>         Thread safe when used with the kernel
>         Does not pollute the name space
>         Optional backward compatible with old drivers
>         Optional backward compatible with old API
>         Able to support multiple JFFS2 filesystems
>         Redboot to be able to access multiple devices
>         Documentation!

This is about ready to go live. The question is how do we do
this. There is a danger there are bugs left which could brick
boards. ie destroy the bootloader and if you don't have jtag there is
no way to recover the hardware.

There are a few options:

I commit it and let people test it. If there are major problems we
undo the change while we debug the problem.

I put the code on a branch so that a few people can test it and so we
get a better idea how stable the code is with hardware i don't have
access to.

I can send patches to people who would like to test.

Suggestions welcome.


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