[ECOS] Help... NewBie (flash device programming on edb7211)

jermias perkasa jermiasperkasa@yahoo.com
Fri Apr 30 19:56:00 GMT 2004

I tried make a simple program which using function to
erase flash on EDB7211, what I didn't know, that my
program was restarting that EDB7211, I have read the
redboot source code, but that's too much for me to
understand, cause it's related to another code.

What I want to ask is Do we have to use lock and
unlock support for edb7211 device, cause I didn't use
that lock and unlock support in my program. when I
tried to use lock and unlock support, my ecos
configuration didn't have the library for lock and
unlock support... how to configure my ecos with lock
and unlock flash support for edb7211 if any?



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