[ECOS] Help! Program stops recognizing IRQ2 interrupts

sandeep kumar sandeep@codito.com
Fri Apr 23 21:18:00 GMT 2004

Hi Giri,
>    I have written a small program that looks for the
> IRQ2 interrupt, and posts a semaphore on that event.
> The IRQ2 interrupt is triggered externally every 1.5
> ms. I'm able to catch the interrupts for about 1-2
> secs and after that my program just stops working.
> Currently I'm using GDB to monitor this activity.
how do you establish in your case, that program has stopped working. is it based
on no new print messages coming? did you trying control-C and examing the
situation using bt, info threads etc.?

we have had a similar situation some time back. On analysis we found that
program actually didn't stop working, but was caught up in isr-dsr loop and thus
thread wasn't getting chance to run. we figured out that some timer related
values were getting set incorrectly in our case that was resulting in "while
(dsr-list is not null) {..... }" to continue for ever as that list wasn't
getting chance to become null. confirmed this by disabling interrupts around the


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