[ECOS] Is eCos having this constrains

Prabhat Shrivastav shrivastavp@myw.ltindia.com
Thu Apr 15 07:06:00 GMT 2004


I have some doubt, 
How many number of mutex you can initialize in your single project while using eCos . Is there any limitation other than memory constrains. I am talking about this memory constrains, since at the time of initializing the mutex the OS will allocate a memory for a queue (which will maintain the status of threads), and the queue size is depend upon the number of task using the same mutex variable.
Is my thinking is on right track. If its so than 
****How many no of mutex variable you can initialize and use in single project.
****How many task can used the same mutex variable in order to resolve shared resource problem.
Is eCos having this constrains or POSIX is providing any guidelines for this.

Please let me know your valuable suggestions.

Prabhat Shrivastav

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