[ECOS] ARM Spurious Interrupts & Scheduler locking

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Sun Apr 11 18:31:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, Apr 09, 2004 at 05:12:10PM -0500, ecos-dev@bcsw.net wrote:
> I have found what appears to be a bug in the handling of spurious interrupts
> on the ARM architecture with kernel support enabled.
> The problem is in vectors.s.  The scheduler gets locked before running
> hal_IRQ_handler() (which deciphers the active interrupt) and gets unlocked
> in interrupt_end(). The problem is that the scheduler always gets locked,
> but interrupt_end() doesn't get called in the case of a spurious interrupt
> which leaves the scheduler locked forever.  Perhaps that is the intended
> behavior, but there is no documentation to warn the user of this 'feature'.

I don't know if this is intended, sorry. 
> This is particularly frustrating if you assert
> spurious interrupts are problem, then find that your system hangs whenever
> one occurs.

But is it hanging because of the code or because your spurious
interrupt? Maybe you are getting a storm of spurious interrupts?
Spurious interrupts should be investigated. It means either your
hardware is broken or there is a problem with your device drivers.


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