[ECOS] ROMRAM stand-alone application

Gary Thomas gary@chez-thomas.org
Thu Apr 8 11:48:00 GMT 2004

Alan Bowman said:
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>> From: Andrew Lunn [mailto:andrew@lunn.ch]
>> Sent: 08 April 2004 09:53
>> To: Gary Thomas
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>> Subject: Re: [ECOS] ROMRAM stand-alone application
>> > Also make sure that this change doesn't break the exiting
>> ROMRAM RedBoot
>> > on the board :-)
>> Does the ROMRAM redboot actually work? To me it looks like it would
>> not.
>>         Andrew
> I don't think it's ever worked for me (before the changes that I'm hopefully about to post).  I'm
> trying to access the CVS server, and I can't seem to get a response.  Is it working at the moment?

It may not be - there were reports of hardware problems on that machine
earlier today and at the moment it may be offline.

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