[ECOS] scheduler question.

Ottawa Guy ottawaguy81@yahoo.com
Tue Apr 6 21:08:00 GMT 2004

I am using ECOS for sparc leon processor. I am seeing
the following symptop. I have a taskA which waits on a
semaphore(WAIT_FOR_EVER). A high priority taskB 
releases the semaphore upon receiving some events. 
Upon getting that semaphore taskA does bunch thing and
goes back to waiting for that semaphore again.  

When I dump "cyg_trace_dump" I see taskA sleep reason
as "WAIT". However after running the system for few
minutes, taskA sleep reason becomes "DELAY". I check
the content of get_saved_context() for taskA, it looks
like its inside the cyg_semaphore_wait(). 

At this time although the taskB keeps on giving the
semaphore , taskA never gets scheduled. 

Any ideal, is something missing in BSP?? 

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