[ECOS] a question on CDL

sandeep kumar sandeep@codito.com
Tue Apr 6 16:41:00 GMT 2004

hi kneep,

> can anyone explain the difference between the properties
> 'requires' and 'active_if'?

say, inclusion of feature A *requires* certain conditions to be necessarily
satisfied, viz. presence of some other package, presence/absence of yet some
other features.
for eg. package CYGPKG_SNMPAGENT *requires* CYGPKG_IO package to be present, 0
*require* is what helps in conflict resolution.

while *activeif* deals with menu-selection. for ex. choice for building
CYGSEM_SNMPAGENT_TESTS_SNMPv3 makes sense and is *activeif* only when
CYGPKG_SNMPAGENT_V3_SUPPORT is (present and) enabled.

If you are conversant with Linux menu configuration, you can think of eCos
activeif as equivalent of Linux bool.

Please correct me, if i seem to be off.


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