[ECOS] ecos cme555 help

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Sun Apr 4 16:29:00 GMT 2004

sowmya said:
> I am new to ecos and embedded programming, I have a cmd5xx
> evaluation board which is very similar to cme555 (based on
> the information provided by the vendor with same memory map).
> I am able to compile the redboot for cme555 and convert it to
> s3 records, and I used the axiom monitor program to down load
> this program into the eprom. When I chenged the config of the
> board to start from the eprom I am not able to start redboot.
> Can some one please send me some details about the steps that
> I have to follow to get redboot to work on a cme555 board.

If you have (had?) a working monitor on the board, try using that
to help you get RedBoot up and running.  First build for RAM startup.
You may need to adjust some things like the console baud rate, etc.
You should be able to download this into the RAM on the board and
see if it runs.  If it doesn't, then you've some sleuthing to do.
If it does, then you're left with the harder task of getting RedBoot
to do all of the machine initialization (I'll bet some of that is
different!) before you can actually execute code.

The places to look for this startup stuff are all in the HAL:
  hal/powerpc/cme555/.../src/cme555.S - the meat of system initialization
  hal/powerpc/cme555/.../src/hal_aux.c - more init, called from "C" context
  hal/powerpc/arch/.../src/vectors.S - the actual low level code (reset)

That should give you a starting point at least.

Good luck

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