[ECOS] Can someone confirm or deny ...

Chuck McManis ecos@mcmanis.com
Sat Apr 3 06:02:00 GMT 2004

So when I start i386-elf-gdb from the command line and include the name of 
the binary I'm going to load, then I try the load <binary name> I get the 
"gdb internal error" coredump. If I start gdb without a binary on the 
command line, and then use load <binary-name> I don't get the coredump, but 
I don't get symbols either. (yes its compiled -g, no its not stripped)

I'm trying to ascertain where the problem lies and I've got too many 
variables to test against. Most importantly I don't have a Linux box to try 
it with. I'll see if I can install the Cygwin stuff on a Windoze box. So 
far variables I have come up with:
	gdb version incompatiblity
		I'm using gdb 6.0 and gcc 3.3.1
	include/library/gnu incompatibility
		The "native" gcc toolchain on FreeBSD 4-STABLE is 2.95
	OS Incompatability
		I use FreeBSD, can test against Windows but not Linux
	General Cluelessness
		Hard to guard against :-) I'm reading everything I can	
		get my hands on.

I think I'll try gdb 5.x next.


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