[ECOS] Question about eb40a, serials ports and flash.

Fredrik Öhrström fredrik.ohrstrom@seamless.se
Fri Apr 2 09:47:00 GMT 2004

First question: Can it be that my communication
on serial port 0 gets mixed up with ttydiag data?

I have a modem connected to serial port 0 on a
eb40a like setup. My computer is connected to
serial port 1. (This is the other way round
from the normal use of the development board.)

I have enable hardware serial driver for port 0.
My program can write and read data from serial port 0
but I get back data that is a mix of data from
the modem and data that looks like my debug messages
sent by printf. Though my gdb debugging over serial port 1
still works.

Is it possible, since I have not changed anything
according to the ttydiag driver, that it sends
ttydiag/console messages to both serial ports?

The second question is: Where should I configure
the flash writing for writing in the lower
part of the flash. 

The eb40a flash has an assortment of different 
sized sectors in the lower flash.
The ECOS drivers only knows how to write to
the evenly sized sectors in the high part.
(A common way to break your eb40a board is
to accidently write in the lower part of the

Fredrik Ohrstrom

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