[ECOS] GDB Initial breakpoint support for EB40a

Thomas Koeller thomas.koeller@baslerweb.com
Thu Apr 1 15:04:00 GMT 2004

Mark Salter wrote:

> >>>>> Robin Singh writes:
> > I notice that the PC and i386 targets that do have the
> > CYGDBG_HAL_DEBUG_GDB_INITIAL_BREAK feature seem to simply call the
> > breakpoint()  function before cyg_start. Can the same be done for the
> > eb40a ?
> That would probably work, but then what? The stub supports singlestepping
> and breakpoints by replacing normal program instructions with breakpoint
> instructions. This won't work if the code is in flash.
> --Mark

... although GDB has a notion of hardware breakpoints and the AT91
has suitable hardware to support them. Thus it should be possible to
extend the debug stubs to also support hardware breakpoints. This
would be a useful feature. Debug builds for my target platform
are too big to load into RAM, so I have to debug in ROM. I am using
a JTAG debugger for that. It understands the GDB remote protocol,
but does not know about ecos threads and so I do get any information
about those, nor can I switch to a particular thread context during


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